Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight? Find out here

Over the years there have been many weight loss diets and fads. Some of them worked while some didn’t and some even caused harm to the body.Sadly some companies try to exploit the desire in people who want to lose weight rapidly with all type of unhealthy pills and serums.But since recently, the newest trend

This Japanese secret to look younger will blow your mind

This natural cream is popularly known as the elixir of youth and has been used for ages by a number of people. It is a Japanese recipe that gives results in just a week of using it.Rice contains a powerful ingredient called “squalene and linoleic acid”. This acid is a potent antioxidant which stimulates the

The 2018 Top 50 Fittest Cities in the U.S.

Do you live in Arlington, Va.? If so, it’s likely you’re living a pretty darn healthy lifestyle, according to the 11th annual American Fitness Index, which has named the Washington, D.C. suburb America’s fittest city. In the past, the rankings, conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation, rated 50 U.S. metropolitan

Why Is My Stomach Getting Bigger?

Seeing your waistline expand can be frustrating, especially if you are working hard to eat a healthy diet balanced by exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.  However, if your stomach is getting bigger, it may not always be from excess calories.  There are other reasons your stomach can be getting bigger especially if it occurs rather

50 Ways to Burn 500 Calories; Fifty 500 Calorie Workouts

f you burn just an extra 500 calories a day, you can easily lose a pound a week. Exercise doesn’t have to be monotonous, painful or unenjoyable. In fact, making sure that it’s not can help you avoid burning out. If spending 60-70 minutes on the gym’s elliptical every day of the week sounds mind

What Are Some Exercises to Lose Two Pounds a Day?

One lb. of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. The National Institutes of Health reports that to lose 1 lb. a week, you should either consume 500 fewer calories a day or burn 500 calories a day. To burn 2 lbs. a day, you would need to burn 7,000 calories, a feat that would even

Prepare This Herb for 10 Minutes, Use It Only Once a Day and In Only 20 Days All of Your Belly Fat Will Disappear!

The excess of belly fat is a real health danger and it can cause numerous problems, including cardiac problems, hypertension, metabolic disorders, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, a decrease of fertility and problems with the reproductive organs in males and females. What usually helps are lifestyle changes like the elimination of sugar or at least reducing